International Power Boat Festival

International Power Boat Festival

July 11 to 12th, 2020 will see an International Power Boat Festival held in Cork Harbour and the waters off of the Cork Coast.

We are delighted that a number of exciting and different powerboat events are being organised in association with the Union International Motonautique UIM, the Powerboat Association of Northern Ireland, the Irish Powerboat Association and the Trustees of the British International Harmsworth Trophy.


UIM Offshore Marathon World Championship.  (11th July)

This event will see a modern fleet of endurance offshore racing boats taking on the waters off the Cork Coast. Competition for the UIM World Championship Endurance Marathon 2020 will take place over two races. Weather permitting, both races will be held on the same day.

Race 1  From Cobh to Mizen Head , around the iconic Fastnet Lighthouse and back to Cork Harbour. (136 Nautical Miles)

Race 2  From Cork Harbour heading east to Capel Island and back to Cork Harbour. (65 Nautical Miles)

NOR Follow this link to the Advance Notice of Race for the Cork Fastnet Cork UIM World Championship

British International Harmsworth Trophy (11th July)

In honour of the Royal Cork Yacht Club hosting the inaugural Race for the historic Harmsworth trophy over 100 years ago in 1903, The Trustees of the Trophy will bring this Trophy back to its birthplace in Cork The Royal Cork will once again host a series of races for those competitors determined to get their names inscribed beside some of the legends within Offshore International racing.

The event will run alongside the UIM World Championship and will truly be an offshore challenge. (Total Distance 201 Nautical Miles)

NOR Follow this link to the Advance Notice of Race for British International Harmsworth Trophy


UIM Long Distance Cork-Fastnet-Cork World record. (12th July)

The UIM Long Distance World Record “Cork-Fastnet-Cork” awaits any team that wishes to take on the challenge. Presently set at 2 Hours 6 Minutes and 47 seconds. In order to set a new record, any team taking on this challenge has to go from Cork harbour to the Fastnet Rock and back to Cork harbour a total distance of 115.2 Nautical Miles in a faster time. Those achieving this will not only be honoured with a UIM World record but also get their names inscribed on the All-Black FPT Challenge Trophy.

Follow this link for details of the  Record Attempt FPT All Black Challenge Trophy, UIM World Record Offshore, Long Distance Record


Fleet Review

There will be a fleet review for all Royal Cork and visiting yachts/craft with the Admiral and Flag Officers of the yacht club and other dignitaries between two of the former club premises on Haulbowline Island and Cobh.

There will be a few surprises on the day and everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in what we believe will be a fitting spectacle to celebrate where it all began.

Classic Motor Boat Rally (12th July)

In honour of the Royal Cork’s hosting of the inaugural Harmsworth Cup Race in 1903, the course will be similar to the original Harmsworth course from the 1903 Royal Cork Yacht Club building (Now the Sirius Arts Centre) in Cobh, Co. Cork to Cork City via Blackrock Castle on the River Lee.