The Beginning – 1720

The Beginning – 1720   King George 1 sits on the thrown of England, Louis IV in France, Philip V in Span, The American colonies have a population of 475,000 people with Boston being the [...]


The Early Years

Membership is limited to 25 members and admission is by way of ballot. Visitors are forbidden from entering the Club unless they have spent the previous night at the Captains house, however The Admiral is [...]



The Admiralty had issued a warrant in 1759 which permitted the club to use certain distinguishing flags


Cork Harbour Water Club

By 1806 the Water Club of the Harbour of Cork had started to refer to itself as the Cork Harbour Water Club. During the 1820s, following the fashion of the few other clubs that had [...]


Royal Patronage

Royal Patronage In 1830 the club received a grant of royal patronage to become known as the Royal Cork Yacht Club. This followed the accession to the throne of William IV who succeeded his father [...]



Regattas were held annually and usually took place over two to five days in July and August. There was always an important social side to these regattas with a Grand Ball, a Banquet and a [...]