Cork300 Events Impacted By Coronavirus Pandemic

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This is an announcement from Admiral, Colin Morehead, regarding cancellations and postponments of Cork300 events planned for June and July. Firstly, we hope that you and your family are all well whilst we collectively face the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. As you are aware, over the last number of weeks we have been carefully monitoring [...]

Royal Cork Yacht Club Today

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The Royal Cork Yacht Club today encompasses a wide variety of sailing activities from young kids in their Optimist dinghies sailing right through the winter months to the not-so-young kids racing National 18s and 1720s during the remaining nine months. There is also enthusiastic sailing in Toppers, Lasers, RS Fevas and other dinghies. The larger keelboats [...]

Move to Crosshaven

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By the 1960s changing economic and social patterns made Cobh less and less attractive as a base for the club. In 1966 the Royal Cork and the Royal Munster Yacht Clubs agreed to merge and the Royal Cork moved to its present premises in Crosshaven assuming the title “The Royal Cork Yacht Club, incorporating the Royal [...]

Americas Cup

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One of the very first sporting heroes, Sir Thomas Lipton, who challenged for the America’s Cup sailing his famous series of yachts called Shamrock was admitted to the club in 1900.

Mid Century Membership

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By mid century membership was keenly sought after and club records show that many candidates were disappointed. One who was fortunate to be admitted was Prince Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria, later to be Emperor of Mexico. Prince Ferdinand was a brother of Emperor Franz Joseph and was the founder of the Imperial Austrian Navy. A special [...]

New Club House

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New Club House The Club had been using various premises in Cove as clubhouses but eventually, in 1854, it moved into a magnificent new building which it had built on land given to it by the then Admiral, J.H. Smith Barry. The building, which stands directly onto the waterfront, was to become not only a major [...]


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Regattas were held annually and usually took place over two to five days in July and August. There was always an important social side to these regattas with a Grand Ball, a Banquet and a host of other events leading up to the regatta. Prizes for race winners are in cash and records show that in 1835, [...]

Royal Patronage

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Royal Patronage In 1830 the club received a grant of royal patronage to become known as the Royal Cork Yacht Club. This followed the accession to the throne of William IV who succeeded his father George IV. William was a keen sailor and was popularly known as the Sailor King. His patronage therefore of the now [...]

Cork Harbour Water Club

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By 1806 the Water Club of the Harbour of Cork had started to refer to itself as the Cork Harbour Water Club. During the 1820s, following the fashion of the few other clubs that had emerged by then, it changed its name to include the word “Yacht” and dropped the word “Water” and became known as [...]


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The Admiralty had issued a warrant in 1759 which permitted the club to use certain distinguishing flags

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